Leyland Cypress Tree
Leyland trees are the most popular privacy trees planted in the United States. They grow very fast and thicken nicely to form a privacy wall.

Its feathery texture is soft to the touch. Stays green all year-round, giving you complete privacy.

Leyland Cypress trees shipped from our nursery will:

  • Have established root systems that quickly adapt to your soil and climate
  • Mature to a majestic pyramidal form
  • Thrive in Growing Zones 6-10
  • Drought tolerant

Grows rapidly – up to 3-4 ft. per year! Easily pruned to your desired height and shape.

Even without trimming, your Leyland Cypress trees will grow in a uniform, symmetrical shape that gives you a dense, living wall.

US Hardiness Zones
Drought tolerant
Growing zones 6 - 10
Mature height (ft) 60 - 70
Mature width (ft) 15 - 20
Soil conditions Adaptable
Sunlight Full or Partial
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